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viernes, mayo 26, 2006

So do I, Woody, so do I

Woody: I can't understand you. You're a knockout, why are you a mass of symptoms?
Diane: Why is anybody screwed up? I guess it happens when you're a child. You think you're ugly, your parents divorce, you feel abandoned. You must have the same thing.
Woody: My parents never got divorced, although I begged them to.
Diane: I know you think I'm nice, I appreciate it. It's good for my ego.
Woody: And I'm hypercritical. I have a tendency to reject before I get rejected. That way I save time and money.

De Play it Again, Sam (1972)



At 8:59 a. m., Blogger Fernando said...

El fantástico de New York tiene ese humor único... que tanto le cuesta entender a sus compatriotas...

At 2:46 a. m., Anonymous Melquíades said...

Qué grande Woody.


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